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Aprende a detectar cámaras espía.

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Professional on-line video training course for:

•Corporate Security & Facilities Personnel

•Contract Security & Private Investigators

•Businesses offering privacy areas to employees and visitors.

•Individuals who want to protect their personal privacy.



Quick, Easy

Includes: 47 minutes of video instruction, extra materials, a quiz, and a Certificate of Completion.

Course Text

The 25-page PDF course text includes extra information,
inspection log and policy  templates, and resource links.


Not boring.
is interesting, engaging and truly educational.

SPYCAM DETECTION teaches the basic security skills necessary to mitigate video voyeurism. You also get a written policy and inspection plan. Once you have all this, your risk of video voyeurism, expensive law suits and damaging publicity will greatly decrease.

The emotional consequences of voyeur videos are enormous – especially if the video goes viral.
Foreseeability, sexual harassment and reputation damage related issues leave you no choice.
You need this policy and training, now.

       • security managers,
       • facilities managers,
       • store managers,
       • security officers,
       • private investigators,
       • landlords,
       • targets of activist groups,
       • and real estate companies.

       • law enforcement personnel,
       • security management students,
       • and the general public wishing            protection against video voyeurism.

SPYCAM DETECTION is not recommended for people interested in learning how to plant spy cameras, or build spy camera enclosures.

Facilities Managers, Private Investigators, Security Officers

When asked, "Can you check for spy cameras?"

Be prepared to say,"Yes."

Photo of Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CISM with a link to LinkedIn providing further background information.








Counterespionage consultant to business and government since 1978.

SPYCAM DETECTION is a two-part strategy to counter video voyeurism in workplace environments; part written policy implementation, part pro-active inspections. I originally created this due diligence program at the request of a Fortune 50 company.

This is their story...

An employee found a spycam hidden in the restroom; the news media jumped on it. Embarrassing mess. The company asked me to help prevent future incidents. They also wanted to assure their employees that they were taking the situation very seriously.

After completing the training course the student takes a short quiz. A personalized Certificate of Completion is issued.


Learn the four main motives behind surreptitious workplace recording.

    • Business Espionage

    • Employee / Management Relations

    • Blackmail

    • Voyeurism

Tip: A strong policy (included) can help counter all of them.

A brief review of the laws governing covert recording.

What is Expectation of Privacy? (EoP)

The definition is broader than you might think.

Detect and deter unauthorized recordings using written policies, and
due diligence inspections. Sample policies are provided in the course text.

Spycam Identification
Learn about camera placement, video storage, and transmission.
Multiple video clips show the various types of spycams one is likely to find in EoP areas, to make positive identification during an inspection easier.

The Inspection Process
The ABC’s of how to conduct an inspection to detect spycams in sensitive areas.

How to See Through Black Plastic Enclosures
Is there a camera behind that clock radio black faceplate?
Learn how to find out.

A quick review of everything taught so far.

How to Handle a Find
You found something! Now, what do you do?

Take the quiz, pass the course, and print
your customized Certificate of Training.


Why George Albert Smith?

Download a preview.

Some Tools of the Video Voyeur's Trade

Spy pen camera. Records audio and video. Cost: 5.99 on eBay.


Records audio & video   Cost: $5.99

Clothes hook cameras. They come in many different styles. These have remote control. Cost: $12.45 on eBay.


Remote Control       Cost: $12.45 ebay

Desktop clock spy camera. The camera lens is just above the 12. Motion activated. Cost: $21.89 on eBay.

Clock Camera

Motion activated       Cost: $21.89

Wall transformer "Fake AC Adaptor". Has an 8 GB memory. Cost: $43.99 on eBay.

Wall Wart Camera

8 GB Memory       Cost: $43.99 ebay

USB memory stick camera. Records audio and video. Cost: $9.99 on eBay.

USB Stick Camera

Records audio & video    Cost: $9.99

Video Camera

World's Smallest       Cost: Unknown

Photo of a video camera being held by a micrometer. It measures 3.67 mm. The manufacturer claims it is the "World's Smallest Video Camera".


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Protect your employees,

customers, visitors

and yourself.

Spycam News - Expensive Lawsuits


American Family Association renewed call to #BoycottTarget - Citing "unsafe bathroom and fitting room policy."


Class Action Case Arising from DC Rabbi's Mikvah Spycam Takes Giant Leap Forward


Hulk Hogan awarded $115 million in damages + $24.99.1 million in punitive damages - A corporate smackdown.


Erin Andrews awarded $55 million in spycam lawsuit - ALL businesses are now on notice. Conduct due diligence.


US hospital to pay $190 million for rogue doctor filming patients - ob-gyn for 25 years at the Johns Hopkins.


$2M Award In Video Voyeur Case - two women who were secretly videotaped by an office voyeur.


Woman awarded $476,000 in video voyeurism case - landlord of spying on her with a hidden video camera.


Video Voyeurism Case Nets $300,000 Verdict - she discovered that the owner had videotaped her in the shower.


Newlywed renters awarded $266,712.57 - Landlord and electrician rigged up spycams in their apartment.


$575,000. verdict against talent agency - Owner secretly videotaping in a changing room.


$506 million to 46 college athletes secretly videotaped in the buff - images sold over the Internet.


Cheerleaders received $762,500 in settlement - taped with hidden camera as they changed clothes in a dressing room.


Jury awards $40,000 per each child - 32 children - hidden video surveillance equipment in the locker room.



• Most workplace video voyeurism cases against employers are settled out-of-court, for undisclosed sums.


• You don't want your company to be on this list. Show due diligence. Use our Recording in the Workplace policy template, train your staff, and conduct periodic inspections.


Some inexpensive training could save your business millions.

Spycam News


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